XLS-Medical Fat Binder

XLS-Medical Fat Binder
mica paris before after
mica paris before after

A brand new start to the new year for Mica Paris as she have found a new image. This new slender and slim look of Mica had surprised fans alike, and many had questioned about her success.

Apparently, she attributed her success with a newly launched weight loss product called XLS Medical Fat Binder.

XLS Medical Fat Binder recently has featured on the UK media (it is on The Daily Express and Daily Mail). Let’s check out Mica’s experience with the product.

Mica Paris, the popular UK singer and presenter has also been using XLS medical to achieve great result. She has dropped a tremendous 4 dress sizes from 16 to 12 in a period of 3 months time.

Mica said: ‘I can’t believe how well it’s worked. Like most women my age, I often found it difficult to lose that last bit of weight but XLS-Medical Fat Binder gives me a helping hand.’

How XLS Medical Fat Binder works?

XLS Medical fat binder has an ingredient called Litramine which is a unique component based on organic fibres and fat soluble vitamins A, D and E.

XLS-Medical Fat Binder

When the food are taken, the non soluble fibre in Litramine will start to take action. The fat in the meal taken will be bound by non soluble fibre and form a fibre complex.

This fat-fibre complex is not able to be absorbed as it is too large to penetrate the intestine wall. This fat-fibre complex will inevitably move on and go through the small and large intestine before it is removed naturally from the body in the form of stool.

The XLS medical fat binder has the ability to bind up to 27% of fat in the stomach.

Clinical Trials

XLS Medical fat binder is scientifically proven in it’s efficacy as shown by 2 clinical studies.

1. In vivo Pilot Clinical Study, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study, 10 participants (5 women, 5 men, normal BMI). Each volunteer was given 1.6g Litramine® per meal or the equivalent dose of placebo. 7-day washout period, 7-day testing period. Evaluation criteria: steatorrhea

2. In vivo, 2-armed, randomised, double blind and placebo-controlled study was conducted in Germany with Caucasian subjects in their own free-living environment, with daily fixed diet plan of 2,500 kcal, fat content 30%. Subjects were given either 1.07 g Litramine® or a placebo, three times daily for three days

Result of the studies had been concluded.

  • XLS medical fat binder absorbed 27% of the fat with no undesirable side effects
  • vitamin enriched XLS medical compensate the vitamin loss
  • XLS medical pill can reduce LDL cholesterol by 10%
  • 80% of participants reported the proven feeling of fullness effect

With such an amazing works in the background, no wonder Mica Paris achieved a significant drop in her weight.

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Alternative Source

lipobind as an alternative to xls medical fat binder

The XLS medical formula is no different than the popular Lipobind product which is very popular in UK. Lipobind which works just like XLS-Medical Fat Binder and it could do even better. It is currently one of the best known and most effective fat binder on the market.

It is also arguably the best match between XLS medical fat binder and Lipobind formula (as both have Litramine) because both shares a common similarity in the way it works. Both also have 27% ability to absorb fat and bind them effectively.

Lipobind is available to purchased online and you can get it for as low as $26.81 a remarkable 30% discount for a limited time – far more economical than the XLS-Medical product. It is also giving away free gifts.

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