Want Your Brain Genius, Read This Health Thinks

Want Your Brain Genius, Read This  Health Thinks

A Healthy Life Starts from Ourselves

Want Your Brain Genius, Read ThisBy healththinks – Posted on November 8, 2014Posted in: Health

The more you train the brain and memory then the better the performance. Maxim “practice makes perfect”, there are several ways that you can use to improve your memory. The important thing is mentioned below :

The more you use the privilege of the brain, the more you help your memory stay in shape. There are many games that arouse your intellectual ability, as well as contributing to better social relations. Backgammon, chess, puzzles and many other board games, entertainment and also help you to improve memory.

Humans basically have inherent friendliness. The more social you are, the better for your brain. Isolating yourself will damage many body systems. Research has shown that the brain and heart have much to gain social and family relationships are good. In connection with this context, you can volunteer to provide assistance where people need you, or even participate in organized groups, which according to your own interests. If you have a pet, for example, you can socialize with other people who also have pets and discuss issues relevant to them and develop a closer relationship.

Look for topics that interest you and begin to engage in it by learning new information and developments on the topic. If possible, you can join a group that has the same interests as you like to communicate with people in the group. Reading, attend college, programs, information on television and the Internet, is a source of continuing education for your brain which of course will bring beneficial results for the development of your memory.

You can give some other ideas to help train the brain and improve your memory. Whenever you require yourself to do something new, you mean triggering a new power to achieve its intended purpose.

Consider changing your furniture layout, spread butter on bread in a different way or with eyes closed, wearing pants with one hand, or learn to use the mouse with the other hand.

5. Food that will help improve your memory

General characteristics of the foods that can improve the performance of their brain is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial to the nervous system. Some time ago, healththinks have explained vegetables for health. What we eat every day, affecting the performance and condition of our memory in the long run. Surveys in recent decades, has shown that certain foods can contribute to improve the function of neural circuits of the brain that controls memory.

6. Ways to improve brain performance,Exercise can improve your memory

The benefits of the positive influence of sport on many body systems, especially the memory and other cognitive abilities. With enough exercise for 20 minutes every day in a simple exercise such as walking, cycling or swimming.

Scientifically proven that walk for 2.5 hours per week will substantially improve memory in people over the age of 50 years. Sport improves the circulatory system. Even the simple daily exercise routine such as walking fast but can improve the performance of the heart and brain oxygenation.

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