The practicalities of pre-booking airport parking

The practicalities of pre-booking airport parking

Parking your car at an airport is different to popping to your local shops, you never know how busy the car parks will be or how close to the airport you can park. Do you know where you are actually going when you reach the airport. How many people miss flights through not being able to park their car in time after not pre-booking airport car parking.

The wheelchair bound passenger was helped by an airport bus driver who had disciplinary action for doing so. Why on earth did this happen? If I had waited the 25 minutes for the special transport I would have missed my flight, knowing this the airport bus driver allowed me onto his vehicle.

The driver was seen helping me off the bus and was given a warning for his efforts. How did I get to know about this? I was told airport officials had given the driver of the bus a warning from the driver of special assistance vehicle on my return to the airport.

How ridiculous that an airport worker was disciplined for helping a person in a wheelchair. If you turn-up by chance at an airport car park without a booking you will be charged a higher price.

The event took place earlier in the decade; since then there are now a number of sites that offer great airport parking booking facilities. There are some excellent websites that make it easy for travellers to pre-book airport car parking and typically at a reduced cost.

My favourite site from a wheelchair perspective is GoSimply, simply because they cater for the disabled travelers. Disable users will find the site useful as it highlights if a car park has disabled facilities. The other excellent feature on the GoSimply site is the amount of reviews from other travellers

Booking airport parking in advance makes sense for the following reasons:

  • It gives peace of mind
  • You can reduce costs
  • You can park closer to the airport
  • Take the worry out of finding a suitable parking
  • Major car parks are monitored 24/7

My subsequent travels to Stansted airport have all resulted in me pre-booking my Stansted Airport Parking in advance. I would advocate this to any traveller but even more so a disabled traveller who is looking for Stansted Airport Parking.

Why leave finding a suitable car park at an airport to chance! Longer transfer times do happen when you are not parked close to the airport terminal, if you are delayed in heavy traffic, this could affect your ability to reach your flight check-in in time.