Low Self-Esteem Due To Being Overweight

Low Self-Esteem Due To Being Overweight

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The mental effects of having excess weight – and obesity – are often destructive. People with weight issues are commonly made fun of by others whose weight is in the normal range. Making fun of overweight people is unexceptional in our society.

Heavy people are often forced to endure a range of abuse and snide comments and social denigrations. Because of this, the can suffer from low self-esteem, feel inadequate and are frequently looked upon as the source of their own problems.

Social situations are , or can be, embarrassing for a person with obesity. Appearing in the beach or public swimming pools, where they wear clothes that are more revealing, tends to be an unpleasant occasion. If an overweight person decides to play competitive sports she will often suffer the embarrassment of being the least wanted. Quite often, in school, obese or overweight children tend to perform worse academically than ‘normal’ weight peers – they also have lower grade point averages.

When they finally leave school, they have more difficulty gaining acceptance into college and securing jobs and future promotions. Hardly surprising, then, that such life experiences tend to lead to poor self esteem and self-confidence. Thus starts a vicious cycle of social isolation, emotional withdrawal, depression, inactivity, more overeating, and quite often further weight gain.

Body image distortion and overall body disappointment experienced by obese and overweight people are sometimes implicated in the growth of negative self-worth, so can act as risk factors toward the development ofdepression and abnormal eating behaviours. Your body image can be affected and brought about by a person’s cultural values and beliefs regarding beauty and attractiveness.

A lot of obese people like to blame any excess weight on medical problems such as thyroid disease. The plain truth is , fewer than 1% of the overweight or obese have a genuine hormonal imbalance, or any such other medicalcondition. While there isn’t a single reason that solely gets to the cause of the issue, genetics, poor nutrition, bad eating habits and lack of exercise are the likely causes.

But there are some easy things an obese or overweight person can do to enhance their self-esteem. For starters they can seek consultation with their general practitioner to find out how significant the problem is, or if there really is a problem at all. Everyone is different and some who appear obese compared to the mythical ‘norm’ are really just normal.

Cutting down on watching TV would be beneficial. There is a proven relationship being overweight and watching television. Most people watch at least (!) 3 hours of television a day, and guess what is the product most frequently advertised product on TV? It’s food! So guess the most likely thing people do when watching TV? Eat! Watching television would probably be better limited to a reasonable time, say a couple of hours, a day. Even better, television watching can be done while riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill.

People with excess weight must shoulder the responsibility to protect themselves from the physical and psychological harm brought about by being overweight. By establishing patterns of healthy eating and exercising sensibly, they can conquer the challenge of overweight, so that they can live and enjoy life without the burden of being weighted down by being larger than the ‘average size.

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