How To Order Your Pharmaceuticals from Overseas

How To Order Your Pharmaceuticals from Overseas

Thanks to AIDS activists it has been legal for several

years in the United States to order, for personal

use, a 3 month supply of non-Schedule I or

II drugs, from overseas. Often, the overseas

pharmacies have products that are unavailable

in the U.S. and the quality is the same as

that from any U.S. pharmacy.

Over the last 15 years, weve ordered numerous different

substances by mail from overseas pharmacies.

In the last couple of years weve come

Systems (IAS) as a reliable source. Weve

shared booths at trade shows and have gotten

to know them on a personal as well as business

level. They carry a wide range of products

from old favorites like Piracetam and Hydergine

to the newer Adrafinil. Their prices are reasonable,

they are extremely reliable and have made

the ordering process an easy one.

are a few selected examples of their products

and prices. Write, fax, or email them for

(Not currently available - check back

(Original Professor Ana Aslan GH3 still

made in Romania, this is export quality

as denoted by green packaging and holograms.)

product is subject to special shipping

terms and conditions - please ask for

(May be controlled in the USA)

(Whole, Tyroid R/X - 60mg equals one grain.)

Natural Estrogen cream (1ml = 2mg in

in your order by postal mail, fax or e-mail

along with a Money Order or credit card number

(Visa and Master Card only, please add a $5

surcharge). No personal checks, please. Be

sure to mention Smart Publications to get

$19 - Registered Air Mail (trackable w/signature

pharmaceuticals to the European Union Countries.

orders must have the following signed statement:

declare that the products that I have ordered

are for my personal use only and will be used

under the supervision of a physician. I agree

to I.A.S. terms and conditions.*

terms and conditions available upon request.