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By Cookie in January 8th 2012 No Comment »

Many new entrepreneurs find it hard to stay afloat in the marketing industry because they feel uncomfortable to step out of their comfort zones. Many would think that they have to have some amount of sales experience and marketing skills in order for them to succeed in their business.

We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves, though, when it comes to marketing our business. Each of us only need to understand that the very grass root level of sales is actually the MARKETING OF SELF!

We all have unique stories in life and part of it has to do with how and why we end up with our current business venture. That story alone is a marketing tool in itself. When we tell OUR own life story, people can (and WILL) relate to circumstances, feelings and experiences!

Sales is all about sharing what you had experienced, are experiencing and what you look forward to in the future. It is when we start to open up our lives and reach out to others that we can realize that we don’t have to have THE set of skills in order to start marketing something. There is just that wonderful ripple effect that occurs in the marketing industry when we incorporate our personal experience to everything!

Our uniqueness may be the very first and most important marketing strategy and skill we’ll have!

So, be unique and STAY unique!

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