October 2013 - Forget Fad Fitness

October 2013 - Forget Fad Fitness

You Don''t Need to be Popular to be Fit

He’s gonna look soo good.

One of the difficult things about being busy and micro blogging is that sometimes, you don’t get around to explaining yourself. Why did I post about Marc Summers? Why do I not finish reviews?

Well at least I could try this time. On Friday I had tickets to Nickelodeon on 92nd street. Matthew Klickstein wrote a book called Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age and there was a huge event at the 92nd Street Y to promote the book.

I had a lot if fun, and met some cool people. So far the book is all quotes, which is made easier to read because I attended the event and caught some names, but I thought it would be more prose. Had I not been there and read the book, it could have been a more frustrating read.

In 2 days, I taught one of my kids more and less. Two years ago numbers had no meaning to him.

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Growing up I had a weight problem. I was one those kids that was contributing to the “childhood obesity epidemic.” After choosing to make a change, I made significant progress in high school and lost over 50lbs. It hasn’t been without bumps in the road over the past ten plus years, but I’ve been dedicated to living a healthier life ever since and now I want to help others too.

Forget Fad Fitness is meant to be honest and positive while cutting through all the confusing, contradicting and painfully awful fitness and nutrition trends that are out there.